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Welcome to Heiki Strike Alternative - the first joint project between Japanime Games and Kamikaze Games, as well as our first GameFound campaign!

Heiki are mysterious beings that suddenly appeared all over the world - they appear to be the spirits of weapons that have taken on a human form; weapons with power beyond human strength. Weapons are made by humans, and used by humans, but weapons can only be confronted by other weapons ... For some reason, the Heiki follow orders from humans. Yet, one day, some of them triggered a series of military operations.

"Head to the same battlegrounds, once again!"

Heiki Strike Alternative is a tactical card game for 2 players. Players will become a commander, building a squad of Heiki to confront the opponent. Take the offense and be the first to occupy three battlegrounds, or play defensively and drain the opponent's resources to secure your victory.
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